Monday, August 1, 2011

Kittens on Parade

So today I got back from work all pooped out and tired. What should greet me as I walk through the door? Grilling cheese and Star Trek! (and Ben I guess)

As we sat down and started up the eppy, I thought about how brilliant it would be if Star Trek starred kittens instead of real people. You know it would be super awesome. I can see you singing (meowing) the theme song right now. Warf (~B - it's Worf) kitty would be the best. Or maybe Jean Luc kitty.

This may be in the works for reals. There are no negatives to this. Star Trek (my new fav. obsession duh) and kitties, which I love so much.

Now I'm imagining kittens taking over other classic roles in movies and television alike. Basically the world would be much better if there were cat spoofs of EVERYTHINGGGGG.

Some videos for you to get inspired by:

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The Enemy Within - Caboodle Ranch
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