Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our LIFE Thus Far

Hey Everyone! We've been absent from the bloggy world not because we've been on a whirlwind world cruise, but just because we've been busy. Doing end-of-summer things. BUT we have been really putting off sharing these pictures, so here are pictures of life so far at Casa Soltoff. 

Tomorrow I'll give an official APARTMENT TOUR!

For now, enjoy the pictures (and captions HOHO)

P.S. These pictures are from like June. Don't judge.

Ben putting together our vacuum ooo 

Furniture (it gets put away, don't worry)

Our tiny galley kitchennnnn

Check out all those boxes whoa


Ok people, here they are. Our ancient, Cold War era washer and dryer in a wonderful color. I think it's called puke green? 

I love this room. It's so peaceful. 

This might have been our First Soltoff Pizza Night! It's probably my favorite night of the week.

Technically I wasn't supposed to be in the kitchen at this point. Ben takes his pizza making seriously. Which means no one in the kitchen except the pizza chef.

Kitchen looking a little more put together. Still missing that table...

I can bake cookies.

Since we quickly filled up our cabinets with cookware, our "pantry" is that wire rack. It also took us about a week to realize we didn't have a microwave.

Also, this is the finished kitchen Side 1.

Here is Side 2. Those cookies didn't last long.

We found a table at the thrift store!

Cuteness ftw. (and the flowers are from Kathryn aww)

Yummy lasagna dinnerrrrrrr

Ben building something else. He pretty much built/hung/put together everything in our apartment. I baked cookies and looked pretty.

Me looking pretty.


Finished bathroom! So pretty in purple :)

More pretty purple bathroom!

Bock bock tacos yummmmmm

Cute Ben

Cupcake from downtown SO GOOD


Wegmans has the biggest strawberries in the whole world 

I am married to this crazoid. 

Food is a recurring theme. We noticed. But we exercise, so we feel like it's ok.

Everything else is from the Fourth of July feast we ended up having on the Third of July. Monkey bread, grilling cheese, veggies, burger toppings, burgers, kugel, Mikes, key lime pie (WITH GOLDEN TITS), and ice cream. Jealous?

End of captions. Tour tomorrow :D


P.S. I realize I already gave you like half a tour. Oh well. 

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