Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trauma Drama!

Oh you guys. I just had to throw that one in there for us East Coasters who got hit with the not really MASSIVE earthquake the other day.

I'm super pumped for Irene. She and I are going to chill this weekend and enjoy the cooler weather.

On the up and up, I haven't had time to clean take pictures of the apartment and so the tour has been postponed. Hopefully just for a little while because I do want to show you guys around. We're actually going out this evening to get bedroom curtains because the mean construction people finally decided they are finished constructing outside and so turned back on the streetlight that happens to shine RIGHT into our bedroom.

So. Today I am filling out paperwork and getting things ready for my NEW JOBBBBBBB!!!

I'm going to be a 2 year old preschool teacherrrrrrrrrrr!

For those of you who say "but Amanda, isn't that just like getting to play all day long?" and my short answer for you is "yes."

But not really. Teaching children starts when they leave the womb (and if you're lucky, you can start teaching them IN the womb what good music sounds like). And so...basically...I am ridiculously pumped about this. I get to work with kids (i.e. have FUN) every day!

Plus, my sister came to visit me :) :) :) this past weekend!!!

Ben gave you all the highlights, and I won't hash out every detail, but realize that if you haven't played the game Killer Bunnies, you haven't really lived yet.

Lastly before I go, because the apartment is a mess and I want to clean it before Ben and I sit down to a wonderful crockpot chili dinner (made by BEN!?!!?), I want to let you all know that love CAN be found on a mini golf course. It may take dinner at Countryside Cafe beforehand, and it may take a second round of golf, but love can be found. And I'm so glad Ben and I started dating 6 years and 1 day ago, when he asked me out over AIM. Romance never dies people. Remember that.

Love and chili,


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  1. I don't think I wanted to say "trauma" when referring to an earthquake, but oh well.