Sunday, July 31, 2011


This. Show. Rocks.

How was I not a Trekkie before? I totally fit in with this crowd. I own headbands that I could easily put over my eyes. And I read people's emotions all the time. Plus, my forehead ALWAYS seems to look huge and wrinkled to me.

All of this pales in comparison to how much our washer and dryer seem to match the general decor of the bridge on the Enterprise. It's like it was destiny.

Guys, you have to come "onboard" (haha that was too easy) with this one and get into Star Trek: The Next Generation with me (apparently there are multiple generations with this whole series. But they have names like "The Original" and "Deep Space Nine"...all very reminiscent of the Power Rangers)

I'll leave you with a quote Ben gets giddy about.




  1. You are about to enter upon a path. A path that winds through the treacherous trails of geekdom, straight to the very heart of science-fiction nerd-lore. Star Trek has the lore and depth, and fandom to devour the souls of the unwary, so be careful and tread lightly at first, lest you fall prey to the deadly wars betwixt star wars and star trek.

    Oh, and I hope you've been watching the later seasons of TNG. The first few are pretty cheese-tastic.

    And to Ben: Major props if you are responsible for indoctrinating a new Trekkie!

  2. TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager...that was what i watched when I was little. I loved loved loved them and i wish i could watch them all again now. They always scared the crap out of me too...there are some scary-a aliens in space, man. Freakish. UGH I'M SO EXCITED YOU'RE IN TO STAR TREK!!!!

    Man am I ever an uber nerd.

  3. Netflix has all of them instant streaming. Get that for a few months and just plow through them. We've found it to be a worthwhile investment. Now if only we could get a sports-only cable package...