Sunday, July 3, 2011

Launch Time!

Happy Independence Day Eve! Today is a pretty awesome day because Ben and I are starting a blog (hooray!). And you all know that really means that I'm starting a blog today and Ben will be guest posting occasionally.

Things that happened today:

-Ben and I went to a Methodist church today and actually really liked it. Church Shopping '11 has officially begun.
-Ben made kugel and grilling cheese and fabulous burgers with fixings. I watched Ocean's Twelve.
-We continued our marathon of Good Luck Charlie. Seriously, I think we are going to be just like that family one day. Mainly I'm hoping to be as awesome as the mom.

Yay for a new blog!

P.S. I can't leave without getting you all pumped for Independence Day.  So I'll leave you all with this:



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