Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl? or SOUPER Bowl? decide.

Actually, I am writing to talk about today, and all the specialness and definite over exaggeration normalness that make it so unique. 

First of all, I want to make it clear who I'm rooting for this year in Indy. No, it's not NASCAR or Peyton har de har har.

It's the commercials.

I mean, the Today Show (of which I am an avid fan) did MORE THAN ONE story on these commercials, so you know they are important. 

But let's get down to business (haha "to defeat *bum BUM* the Huns)

Today is all about one thing. 


When I was unmarried, for Super Bowl Sunday we almost always had chili. We would even have chili when the Steelers weren't playing (which was infrequently. because they're awesome. and champions.) So this year when the hubs and I were planning our Super Bowl Extravaganza Party Fete Shindig (for ourselves), I asked if we could incorporate my family tradition. I don't think I have ever seen the hubbaroo turn down an opportunity to have chili, and so it is currently bubbling happily in our Crock-Pot. Plus we are having delicious Mexican appetizers. 

Can we talk serious for a minute though?

How great is it that the Piglet Pep Squad will be performing at Puppy Bowl VIII???

Really. There are articles about the Puppy Bowl. Information about the starting lineup. I am just astounded at the sheer excellence the Puppy Bowl en"tails." Can we "paws" for a minute and admire the greatness?

Man, I am on fire today! It's not even 1 pm :) It must be that chocolate swirled banana bread I made this morning. 

Or that sprinkle donut I ate for breakfast.

Or coffeeeeeeeeeeeee.

(sigh) No, my coffee didn't ACTUALLY look like that this morning. How awesome would that be if it did though? In honor of this special day??

Well, enjoy your Super Bowl experience. Do your thing, chicken wing.

(get it?? because so many chicken wings are going to be consumed? i am seriously on point today!)


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