Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drink Conspiracy, or How I Learned not to Cry over Spilt Milk

I am just not capable of holding drinks on the couch.

Or near the couch.


Last night was pizza night (my favorite day!!) and I was really excited to watch some Indiana Jones and eat pizza. We sat down on the couch (on Saturdays we can eat in front of the tv because we watch movies with our pizza. It's a Soltoff Thing.) and settled in to watch our movie of choice. Not 5 minutes into it, I accidentally knocked my drink off its coaster and it went ALL OVER the couch. "Oh" you say, "but it was just water because that's what you had to drink, right Amanda?" Well, this was not water my friends. Bright red Mike's black cherry lemonade was quickly soaking into the couch, my shirt, and my comfortable-because-it's-Saturday leggings. Ben and I sprung into action. Towels were flying, Resolve was spraying, and I was Googling how to get out stains FAST. I got answers like pour some kitty litter on the spill and make a paste out of baking soda and Ben was holding about 291857 towels to sop everything up. Long story short: Ben ran out and got some stain stick for my clothes, and I Resolved the couch until I couldn't see ANY redness anywhere.

"Wow" you think, "well, anyone can spill a drink once, right?"


(at least in my case)

Since the couch was drying, we moved our party to the floor and made a little fort out of pillows. Then Ben offered to make me another drink (I know what you're thinking... "noooooooo" but guys, it was fabulous!). He handed it to me and I enjoyed it for, oh, about 2 minutes before somehow I manage to spill it down the front of my (changed into) shirt (really?? REALLY??). Luckily, this time it was mostly on me.

But come on!

What a night!

(When I made my coffee this morning, I was THISCLOSE to dropping my mug after I poured creamer into it. There is a conspiracy I tell you, there must be)

At this point, I'm thinking by the time I spill milk, I won't have anything to cry over, I'll just be immune.



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