Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pittsburgh Penguins: Filet Mignon Game

The game this afternoon was perfect.

And it was my sister's (almost) first time seeing a live hockey game. Her first one was when she was an infant, so not much participation from her back then.

But seriously, this was everything you could ask for in a hockey game.

The game was at home, in a gorgeous arena. She had a brand new (birthday) jersey on, new Pens earrings, and a new hat as well.

Before the first period was over, the Penguins were winning 3-0. Kunitz scored first, then Cooke, and then Staal. To make it more awesome, Staal scored a short-handed breakaway goal, always AWESOME to watch.

By the end of the second period, then Pens were winning 5-1, and the game had a few fights, which always livens up the fans.

The third period, though, was where the magic happened. Earlier on in the game, Malkin and Tampa Bay's goalie had an altercation, which resulted in the goalie shoving Malkin down. Well Malkin decided to get even by scoring a bunch of goals. 3 to be exact. Which is a HAT TRICK!!! What a cool thing to see at a game!!

And the Pens won, 8-1.

And they are going to the Melting Pot tomorrow to celebrate Kathryn's 10th birthday!

GOAL. OF. THE. YEAR! (Malkin's second goal of the afternoon, btw)

Oh man. Reminds me of Mario. 

I love hockey. So much.


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