Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's Ash Wednesday!

There are about 24095729487 things I want to post about, so hopefully I can get a few cleared up today, and we'll see where we are from there.

First and foremost, um, did you watch Glee?!? I kind of flipped out because it was one of the best episodes ever. Also Smash was really good on Monday. And New Girl continues to make both Ben and I laugh until we start crying.

Secondly, the Pens got a shutout last night against the Rangers (!!) and it's also the 32nd anniversary of Herb Brooks' Miracle speech (he later went on to coach the Pens)

I'm hoping we will be able to get our kids to do this speech one day too :)

Thirdly, can you believe Lent is upon us already? Ben and I are giving up ice cream (goodness gracious!) and I am adding exercising and letter writing to my daily schedule. Today I barely made it through a session of P90X, although I did sweat a LOT.

Fourthly, I just finished this book:

It was super awesome. 

Now I'm re-reading this book:

I'm trying to be happier each day. I even bought Ben a newspaper to read JUST CAUSE! 

Fifthly (?) we had tacos last night. Yes. With guacamole. It was devine. 

Sixthly, it's almost spring break and I am getting so so SO excited to have a week to just relax. This is a hint for lots of people to come and visit. We can watch you eat Creamery ice cream. 

Seventhly. I kind of just wanted to type seventhly.

Happy Lenting!


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  1. hahaha i freakin love that kid. "SCREW EM!" haha. best.