Monday, January 30, 2012

Chocolate Milk

I swear, Mondays sneak up on you every time. Where does the weekend GO???


So...we have had a rough 2 weeks. Ben's mom passed away early last Friday and we have been traveling a lot back and forth in the past week and a half. There was a wonderful memorial service for her this past Friday, as well as an open house on Saturday, where we got to catch up with lots of old and new family/friends. Stories were shared, food was eaten, and I think we had a great time remembering my awesome MIL. I think that the pastor said it best on Friday night when he said (paraphrasing) "we will always have the memories of she won't really ever leave us." And I think that's a very true statement.

For example, whenever I make schnecken I know I'm going to think about how Ben's mom always made sure there were just 2 or 3 raisins in each one. Or how both her and I were NOT huge fans of super spicy General Tso's, and I would always eat a lot of broccoli, while she just had the minimum amount. There are lots of things, both big and little, that Ben and I will have to remember her by, and while it is hard to imagine her gone, we can always think back to those times with happiness.

Right now it's still pretty tough though :-/

Well and then we had to come home to reality, and Monday morning came wayyyyyy to quickly and before I knew it here I was, on my break from school, wondering how kids could be so ridiculous when I was gone for only 3 days.

That's why I brought chocolate milk for lunch :)


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