Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moving On in 2012


It's the new year.

And I made a bunch of resolutions, or as a friend wrote on her Tumblr "re-solutions" which I happen to like.

AND, today was my first day back at school!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) stunk. For me at least.

It snowed last night so I was in a tizzy trying to leave this morning, and ended up looking like I was ready to explore Antarctica (just ask Ben), and then got to school, where I found out we don't go out when the temp is super cold. Plus, somehow over the course of the morning, I got incredibly sweaty, which always makes me feel gross.

Basically, as I was driving home this afternoon I was in a ROTTEN mood. Like, seriously rotten. As an entire carton of ice cream and not feel guilty about it cause you feel awful rotten.

Then I just decided to accept that my day was probably going to be bad, and got over it. I CHOSE to look on the bright side instead.

And although our apartment was freezing when I got home, I made myself a mug of tea and Skyped with my little sister, which definitely made my day more cheerful.

Also. Nachos tonight!

Moral? I can actively try to make my day better if I think about it.

I think.


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