Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adventures of Ariel: the Disney Kitten - A Typical Day

Dear Mom,

OhmyGOSHHHHHH what is that fun fun fun toy you brought home that is fuzzy and twirly and impossible to understand?? I think you called it a pipe cleaner? Well I don't get how you could clean a pipe with it but it is so much funnnnnn and I love it! Can I play with it again and again and again? Phew I am tired out. I think I'll nap on your tummy now. Isn't my purr loud? Yes, of course you can keep petting me. Why are you stopping? Don't stop, it'll wake me up. Yes, right on my head. Scratch riiiiiiiiight there. Whoa whoooooooa WHOA! Sorry Mom, I didn't mean to slip off your tum there, did I scratch your hand? I guess my claws are a little sharp. Ok ok, how about I sit up here on the rim of the couch and look at you instead.'s comfy up here. It's warm. I'm getting sleeeeeeeepy. Yawn. Ok Mom, share that picture you took at school today, I'll see ya later *snooooooooooooze*



P.S. (this is Mom talking now) Look at what I made at school today, since there was only one kid and me left for abut 30 minutes at the end of the day! Yes, it's only about 2 inches shorter than me. And yes...I did use every Lego block in the bin. It's awesome, ok?

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