Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Monday

Whew it's been a busy week or so since I've blogged! I'm hoping that once I get into the school routine, I can blog more often, since so many hilarious things happen, and I def def want to share them.

Soltoff Life (lately)

1.) I cut all my hair off and donated it. Yes, it is still longer than Ben's.

2.) Since I don't really have friends up here, I have convinced myself that learning all I can about the Star Trek universe will somehow make me cooler (uh, what?). Like, I found out there is this huge convention called Dragon*Con, and WIL WHEATON is speaking at it (Wesley "Awesome" Crusher if you didn't know)!!!!! What I really want to know though is what the "*" stands for in Dragon*Con. Is it a secret that you only learn if you actually go? I feel like if I actually ever went to something like that, I'd be laughing literally the entire time.

3.) Star Trek (2009) is about 2059729846 times more cool than TNG. Because it has Zachery Quinto.

4.) Also. They're making a sequel. With Zachery Quinto.

5.) IT'S FOOTBALL TIME AGAINNNNNNNNN!!! Ben and I spent our entire Saturday watching football (and eating ice cream). I got burned on my neck and on my shins from the PSU game. Random.

6.) Last night we had a fantasy football draft with our friends ooooooo. None of us know what we're doing, but I, of course, spent the entire day reading about fantasy football strategies, and they all said to make a plan and stick to it. I made a plan, I stuck to it, and then abandoned it in the second round. As a result, I lost the Steelers defense. UGHHHHHHHHHH. Heartbreak.

7.) Right now Ben is still in his pjs and has a cute cowlick.

8.) During the draft Ben and I ate chili and played epic "draft" music. We were prepared to be in the draft for multiple hours, and I think it took 28 minutes.

9.) We are pretty dang awesome though. Reason: yesterday we went to a park and threw a football around while there was epic lightning and thunder happening. Then I realized we were in the middle of an open field, and suggested we postpone the game.

10.) My fantasy football team name is Star Trek Kitties, and everyone should cheer for them because they're going to win!



P.S. I feel like I can't do a post without some kind of other media involved. Cutes There you go.

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  1. I love this post and I love those kittens. I miss my kitten. She is big and fat now. I also miss you. Come live here. Also, my team name is the Pink Bunnies. Hooray for cute girly fantasy football names. Win Crunch&Toss.