Monday, September 12, 2011

Whoa Whoa WHAT

Seriously. What.

Before I voice my LARGE complaint, let me share a bit about how life has been. Penn State lost tremendously to Alabama, and JoPa looked sad the whole time because he had to stay in the box.


The Steelers lost. Actually what I think they said on the radio was "they got spanked." It's true. I mean, there isn't much else to say after 7 turnovers. Shall I share why the Steelers lost? Because the Ravens defense was so good. And do you know who picked the Ravens defense for their fantasy team? NO NOT ME.

Mr. Soltoff. Picked. Against. Me. And if that weren't bad enough, he took Joe Flacco (from DelaNOWHere) as well. I actually fell asleep in the middle of the third quarter because my body couldn't take anymore horribleness.

The Jets defense was good though.

BUT. But but but. HERE IS MY COMPLAINT!!!!!

I got my security deposit back from my old apartment complex today. Guess what I was charged for? "Excessive Debris - $25" "Debris Left Behind - $10" "Laundry Room Wall Damage - $5" "Hall Light Dome Missing - 10" I LIVED THERE FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF HALF A YEAR!!??!?!!?!

My main problem here is that this apartment (prior to moi) was largely inhabited by college-age males. Who do things like damage laundry room walls. Do you know how long this apartment went before being turned over? 10 FREAKING YEARS!!! Of COURSE there's going to be debris. There were probably plates left from before my sister was born (9+ years ago, in case you wanted to know)

What really gets me is that the old gang of 23B were (sort of) together a few months ago, at a friend's wedding. They took a picture. Yes, WITHOUT ME. What they should have done was pool their money to pay for the excessive debris they left at their old stomping ground.

Now, the only thing I can be sure of is that I know specifically who destroyed the "Hall Light" because I am fairly sure I was present when that happened. And, a former resident of 23B currently, and forevermore, lives with me. (Hint: it's not me)

I am planning his demise anxiously awaiting his return home.

23B, if something happens, and Ben is accidentally missing in action, I'm coming after you.


P.S. This is seriously stressing me out on the unfairness level. I'm supposed to be exercising, and instead I'm eating cookies.

P.P.S. Here's the picture I got left out of. Who votes I photoshop myself in?

P.P.P.S. Three of those men are married now. And they are letting a girl cover their "debris" fees left over from their wild days? Psh. Ridiculous.


  1. Wow. Of course I'm not a lawyer but simply the Father of the Bride and yes, I do believe you have a case against said "former" occupant/s.

  2. Hahahaha! Oh my,,,this was so funny! Not at you...I am laughing at your style of writing....and I do believe dad has a point! :) hahaha!

  3. Well Dad, there were 10 years of people living there, so I don't think it's fair that we get stuck paying for their damages. But in all FAIRNESS, it wasn't really that much the guys in the picture. I mean, they could be ridiculously messy (I saw SOME MESS when I used to visit Ben), but I don't understand how come the last bunch of us have to get charged.

    Oh well. I'll call The Mill and let them know about the situation, and then be done with it.

    Plus, complaining, but in a fun way, makes it less stressful, and I can see the silliness of the whole thing.