Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tic Tac's Toes

Today is this guy's Sweet Sixteenth birthday

Oops...wrong guy. Still. Tic Tac is JUST as intense as Will Muschamp, if not more.

This little guy WISHES he could be as awesome as Tic Tac (look how tiny he was...awwwww)

I love this old man so much! His smelly little toes, how he so solid, how he makes a "wuFF" sound when you pick him up, and his soft eyes. 

I'm pretty sure my family is super glad I was obsessed with getting a dog when I was in 4th grade. And that I said he looked like a "little white Tic Tac" when we got him, because his name is so great. 

Happy Birthday old man! Live it uppppppp!!!!!

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