Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun February Friday!

Haha alliterations are super fun!

So I am a little appalled that January is over already. I feel like it flew by but in an apologetic kind of way. Sort of like "Hey guys, sorry I'm here with my terribly cold temperatures and Arctic wind gusts, I'll just get out of the way for February already." Which is pretty much fine with me. I actually feel bad for last month because it doesn't really have any fun holidays. It's just cold. Boo.

But February is here! We made it! Time to celebrate animals being yanked out of their dens to examine their shadows and time for flowers all the time because Love Is Wonderful! (Also...for those of you who aren't in a relationship, don't get down on the world and be grumpy at the rest of us...chances are SOMEone out there loves YOU!...but if you don't think this is the case go and buy yourself flowers! Flowers are ALWAYS happy!)

Some of the things I DID like about January include...

Finding THIS blog has been a fabulous waste of time. Everything she posts on here looks good, even mushrooms (WHAAAAT?! I hate mushrooms!). I feel a little guilty looking at all the delicious food feels almost wrong.

In my efforts to not pick at my fingers I decided to splurge on some fun nail polish. Nail polish is so fun! I got two colors from the NYC Ballet collection: Pirouette My Whistle and Care to Danse. The perfect colors for Valentine's Day coming up!

Burrito bowls are my new favorite food. We make rice flavored with cilantro and lime or maybe onions and tequila, and then pile it into a big bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black beans, and avocado slices. So easy, so delicious, and super tasty while not being incredibly bad for you. Plus it's National Avocado Month, yum!!

Rereading this series so I can be ready for the show to restart. MARCH 31!!!! If you read the books/follow the show, who would you be??? Also...JUST found out that the little boy who is Liam Neeson's stepson in Love Actually is playing Jojen Reed. Um and the pirate who kept losing his eye from Pirates of the Caribbean is in this season. Still my favorite version of the theme song.

Finally, I have to share what my husband messaged to me on Facebook this morning because it's hilarious (at least to me) "Ariel just walked by with your washcloth stuffed in her mouth like a dead bird. I caught her before she could stash it somewhere"

Ok. time to get my weekend on!




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