Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Man Up March

Ok everyone, this is getting ridiculous.

I think I may be the ONLY person in the world who likes snow and thinks the world should be covered in varying levels from late November through the end of March. A blizzard in April a la Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter? That's what I call beautiful.

But wait, you say. Amanda, you live in Pennsylvania. That's in the northern area of the country. You should be a happy little snow leopard every winter.

To which I say NO. And also THIS STINKS.

This is probably going to be a mostly complaining post, so if you are cozy and warm at home, snuggled under blankets with warm fuzzy socks, a mug of hot chocolate and classic Disney on the tube, watching the big, fat snowflakes fall, quit reading now. You're not fair. Especially if you're to the south of me and getting a foot OR MORE??!?!? of snow.

Here is the thing. The year before I married Ben, there were massive snow amounts up here in good old State College. So I prepared by happily buying him top of the line snow boots and polishing up mine, while making sure my snow pants continued to fit. This is gonna be great, I thought, every year I get to really experience a LOT of snow, and people won't freak out about a dusting of snow-like stuff like they do in Virginia.

Let's look at last year. We got a whopping NOT A LOT of snow.

That's ok, I told myself, these things have their off years. Next year for sure.


We had maybe one good snowfall of about 6 or 8 inches a few days after Christmas. ONE.

Since then it has been almost every single type of weather but good, thick, fat snow. Rain, icy rain, sleet, ice, icy snow, blowing flurries, wind, and even...sun. Gross.

There's no good way to end this except to say that I am still in a rotten mood due to my jealousy of everyone with the white stuff outside their window. If you're tired of snow, move up here to the little bubble of Central PA that every snowstorm this season seems to avoid with the fervor of a cat dodging bath day.

March, stop faffing around and bring on spring, because there is nothing left but broken promises between me and the snow for the year.

BRING IT ON SPRING. I'm more than ready for you, since snow has, once again, let me down.


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