Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Wipeout

Today I fell up some stairs.

It wasn't just a fall, it was a complete wipeout. We're talking wet, slippery, rainy stairs and a girl with a full bag, an umbrella and a travel coffee mug.

Now imagine all that splayed alllllllllll overrrrrrrrrr the wet ground.

I got one of those gross wet knees on my jeans that reminded me of being a little kid with muddy clothes.

And man! Did my shins and knees hurt like crazy! Walking around still hurts, and it has been pretty painful to move around today.

The worst thing though was the feeling of total embarrassment. When something like that happens, it feels like there is a massive spotlight pointed right at you and a big-time sportscaster giving a play-by-play of the slo-mo recap. My cheeks hurt from bring so red and I actually almost started crying (from shame? haha or more likely, from the pain).

However, I got back up pretty quickly and gave myself a quick pep talk as I continued to walk to class.

"Amanda, people fall," I told myself, "so you need to keep walking, the day is going to get better. Just keep moving."

And while other little things have bothered me today, I treated myself to a hot chocolate, took a different route on the way home, and even got a package of pumpkin cookies from my family.

All in all...not a bad day.



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