Monday, June 11, 2012

We're baaaaaaaaack!

Wow it's been a long time! Well, I wish I could say that we were doing something really awesome, like saving the world from a killer virus or destroying an asteroid set on a collision course with Earth. Sadly, that's not it. We just got super busy.

So I thought I'd give a quick update for those of you who need to know.

1. We got a kitty named Ariel. She likes to snuggle.

2. I'm going back to school (!!!) for special education.

3. Ben got a grill and also turned 24.

When I asked him what was new with him, hoping for something like "oh, I learned all this new stuff" or "I'm trying to eat in a more healthy way." Nope. A grill. And his age.




We had a wonderful friend come and visit us this past weekend, and (honestly) we didn't really know what to do with her by Saturday. Mostly because Ben showed her everything there is to see in State College the first afternoon. So when we went to breakfast at a local fruit farm, and saw all the glorious strawberries growing, we gave a whispered inner (hooray!) and acted like it was already in the plans.

Here are the pictures!

They took off without me. I don't remember why. But there are the fields full of yummy little strawberries, mmmmm!

At first Ben was unsure if they were really strawberries because they were so small. Then I told him that the strawberries we get at Wegman's are like the baseball players of strawberry-land. Artificially enlarged. These ones are realistically sized.

Aww she's pretty :)

Juicy, yummy, shiny little fruit. Don't they just LOOK happy?

We all voted on getting a lot of berries. It kind of wasn't even a question. 

Yup, I ate one. How could you NOT eat a strawberry fresh from the vine? 

You might not really be able to see it, but that was the prefect strawberry. The prefect one. 

So good. 

We ended up with 239 strawberries. I washed and counted all of them. 

And then we started eating them. 

I love strawberries. 


P.S. The post below this? Please disregard, as the Penguins epically flopped on their season. 

P.P.S. Look for daily posts from me, Ben, and even Ariel! Hooray, Team Soltoff is BACK!

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