Monday, June 25, 2012

The Jersey Shore Fist Pump

Here are some things that are happenin' lately. Mostly stuffs about me. Because I'm not Ben.

- I am taking summer classes.


(I have no idea where that came from, but I like it)

So these summer classes are online and one is a sociology class and I was writing a discussion post about marriage and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because I too am married. It still fascinates me that I am MARRIED.

The love of my life and the apple of my eye, the man of my dreams, he called me "the old ball and chain" a few days ago.

Oh marriage.

- I'm also in this other relationship.

With this guy.

I hate him. But I love him.

Or at least I love the way my underarm jiggle is slowly unjiggling. Seriously, I think that is what jumpstarted me back into intense exercising. Underarm jiggle. It's a scientific fact that underarm jiggle is caused by too much ice cream.

But I can't help myself. Ice cream is necessary.

So I hang out with Tony now and we laugh about pterodactyls backing out of trouble and stir our soup pots but don't add cream.

- I went to the Jersey Shore too.

Because I'm so cool, I looked like this the whole time.

Haha guys. NO I DID NOT. 

I looked cooler.

I looked like this. 

I like to think that I'm bringing back white as the new tan. It's way cooler to be pale and pasty. You can be jealous of my inability to tan, it's ok. 

And YES YOU GUYS. I absolutely DID fist pump AT the Jersey Shore. With my husband, brother, and his girlfriend. On a bench. While we were waiting for my little sister to finish her Ferris wheel ride. At least it made her giggle. 

- So there's the update from the past few weeks. I also dropped a drawer on my toe and thought it was broken but it wasn't. And I barely survived a run around campus in heat that must have been straight from hell. And cuddled a whole lot with the kitty. 

She's the one who keeps telling me it's ok to put one more scoop into my ice cream bowl. 

Then she sits on the couch and silently laughs at me and Tony and  the fact that Tony's legs just might be completely hairless.


Until next time, 


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