Wednesday, June 27, 2012

“Love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.”


We done gone and started another show.

(I'm not sure why we suddenly morphed into southern country folks there)

So listen. Don Draper.

I liked him and thought he was a rogue and stuff until the LAST TWO MINUTES of the FIRST EPISODE. Then he turned into a low life scum because womanizing men are GROSS.

But then how come he is still so attractive?

Jon Hamm...go back to being Liz Lemon's weird almost-had-a-date-but-then-his-relative-died boyfriend from 30 Rock please? You were not womanizing then.

Also, who is this character? And why is he so creepy and stalkerish? Bad choices Peggy. Also, Peggy, grow your bangs out a little. They are super shorttttttt.

Joan is obviously my favorite. She knows. I don't know what she knows, but whatever it is, she knows. Also she is a redhead. And she is an actual size, not a teeny weeny itty bitty skinny minnie. She has hips, which is awesome, cause...yeah.

Finally...Betty Draper is a lame-o. Girl, wake up and smell the cigarettes. Your husband is a womanizing crazoid who naps in his office half the day and sleeps with some chick who makes Grandma's Day cards. Pay Attention!

I think I am going to get really into this show. Because when I Googled images of "Mad Men" everyone is just lounging around in all the pictures. And I like me a good lounge. 

Ok here we go Mad Men! 


P.S. There is SO MUCH smoking in this show. It's actually ridiculous. 

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