Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"just put a candy cane in it"

It's already Tuesday and I am kinda failing at my resolutions BUT THEY'RE NOT EVEN A WEEK OLD.




Ok, because it's friiiiiiiiigiiiiiiiid outside, and because the temperature is most likely below 0 degrees, let's pretend it's January 1 and the year is new, shiny, and ready to hear my resolutions.

Mine are:

-to blog more consistently (for serious)
-be more mindful of what I say and do (and watch my attitude!)
-use my camera more (it's a nice one, i should use it!)
-read more Scripture
-run a 5K in under 30 minutes (because i get close, but never go under)

Ben's word of the year is renew, and his resolutions include:

-completing a Tough Mudder
-eating less cheese (actually, we both need to eat less dairy...but it's so delicious!)
-work on campus 3X a week
-set paper deadlines
-keep a positive attitude when job searching (ugh, me too)
-wake up earlier and with more enthusiasm (yes. yes. yes.)

Our family word is revive, which means 'to impart new vigor'

We want to resolve to:

~Be aware of what we eat and not mindlessly snack
~Work more cardio into our exercise routine
~Focus on US with weekly dates
~Study the Bible together
~Faff less!
~Plan for the future while enjoying the now

So there are all our resolutions and we're putting them out for all to see, so hold us accountable, world, ok?

Also, a side story.

I am a Pinterest girl, strong and hard. I have used many ideas I have pinned, especially with lesson planning, and think it's a great resource. But sometimes a pin pops up that just makes me shake my head with ridiculousness. The one that I saw this afternoon was a recipe for peppermint hot chocolate, with the fancy lettering and adorable picture that you know took multiple hours to style and fix so it looked just right.

When I clicked on the recipe, it was literally a recipe for plain hot chocolate that you stick a "peppermint stick" into and stir around to make it taste minty.


Peppermint stick?

Just put a candy cane in it.

See you tomorrow (because my resolution tells me I should),


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