Friday, January 3, 2014

Bringing in 2014 the Soltoff way

Let's not kid ourselves here. Anyone who reads this blog (hi Mom!) knows that we Soltoffs aren't really interested in sitting still, unless it's to watch The Wire, which we just juuuuuuuust became hooked on. I mostly like it because when I see Avon Barksdale I want to yell "STRONG SIDE" in an inspiring way.

So it's no surprise that we are headed into the New Year of 2014 in motion or as much in motion as possible. Ben and I actually got sick on New Year's Eve and after watching an afternoon Penguins game downtown, with plans to stay and enjoy festivities, we regrettably went home, crashed on the couch, and woke up at 11:49 to blearily watch the ball drop before pecking each other on the cheek (Ben: "Don't kiss me! You'll get me more sick!") and falling asleep. I'm serious. 12:07. We were out. 

It's a few days into the year 2014 and we've made some concrete Soltoff goals (I'll share them next week) as well as cleared out our Christmas paraphernalia to make room for the clean and organized January we hope to enjoy. 

I'll see you on Monday, but until then, here is my 2014 Word of the Year (which I decided to find after needing something to pull together my resolutions and revolutions)


(verb) grow or develop well; prosper; flourish

This year I am focusing on moving past surviving, and enjoying thriving in different aspects of my life, from exercising consistently to planning weekly dates and eating conscientiously. It's going to be a year where I flourish, and hopefully I can bring this blog out of the depths and use it as a documentation of the experiences our family has this year. 

Hooray for 2014. 


Happy J.R.R. Tolkien Day (because how much more of a win can today be?)



P.S. Here is my family on Christmas Eve. I have no words for this picture except to say that the longer I look at it, the more I cry-laugh. It's a prefect representation of my family (including you Mom. You're either behind the camera snapping the picture, or you're moving so fast your blur is invisible!)

(and proof that we CAN be normal, just in case you needed to know)

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