Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday - 11/1/2013

Where has the time gone?! It's already November, and, if you can believe it, I actually saw Christmas trees out at the grocery store yesterday when I popped in for some Halloween themed cookies. But this month is an awesome one, and I don't plan on rushing into the Christmas season at. all. Not when this month is Birthday Month (mine and one of my good friends' on the 9th, my brother's on the 10th), Turkey Bowl month (gotta get out the flyer, Dad!), and Thanksgiving ( there ever a reason not to be excited for food?)

So I'm sitting here in an oversized sweatshirt, letting my husband sleep in, and enjoying my warm mug of coffee while I think about the week. There were a whole bunch of great things that happened this week, so it'll be hard to pick my top five, but here goes!

1. Making caramel apples last weekend was great! We had so many toppings, and the caramel came together surprisingly easily. It was really fun to see how outrageous we could make them, and it was a much better experience than the candy apple fiasco we had a couple years ago. I guess this makes us a caramel apple family now. No to canceling the party and no to Twizzlers. We are a Red Vines family. (Name that show!)

2. On that same note...I'm pretty dang proud of my Ron Swanson pumpkin, even if his eye look enormous. I can just pretend that he is looking hungrily at all the bacon and eggs. And isn't Ben's cat cute? I think it looks like a bearcat or a werewolfcat or something crazy. 

3. I can't decide if I like this video or this one better. Both are cute, both might make you cry (the second one definitely got me choked up) and both are wonderful. 

4. I swear, I think my cat thinks she is a model sometimes. I mean, she just poses like this all the time...looking wistful or looking funny or looking pensive. I'm waiting for the day when she walks into the bathroom as I'm putting on my makeup and gives me a bunch of pointers. Actually, when is that happening? Can it be soon?

5. Finally...look at how amazing my mom is! She is the teacher on the right, and pretty much the best one I know! As a preschool teacher for many years, she always has a way to bring fun and learning into the classroom. We can't talk on the phone without bringing up one teaching idea or another, which inevitably lapses into hour -long conversations, one idea into the next. If you know her (maybe even if you don't), we probably agree that she is pretty dang fantastic! Yay for Moms!

Happy All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, etc., although if you have kids, Happy Candy Hangover Day (also Happy Parents Get To Eat All The Halloween Candy Day).

Love and leftover chocolate kisses, 


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