Friday, January 4, 2013

No Soup for You!

It's a recipe roundup!

This week has been soup-making week and I have been enjoying ALL of them.



Wednesday night I whipped up a big batch of Pioneer Woman's Corn and Cheese Chowder and it was delicious! I used frozen corn so I had to let it thicken just a little more, but it turned out yummy so I count it a success!

Last night I made Smoky Bean Soup with Ham and Bacon and oh my land. I've made it before, but this time I used part of the honey baked ham we got from my family. The ham made it a tiny bit more sweet and somehow I cooked the bacon topping to perfection. It was so so wonderful. You need to make this one right now.

Tonight I'm making Cauliflower Soup, again from the Pioneer Woman. Basically she's got this arsenal of soups in her books and on her website that are fabulous. I'm excited to try something that sounds a tad healthier, although there's sour cream and butter included so we'll see how that goes.

Gotta run, I have a batch of candied pecans in the oven and judging by the heavenly aromas wafting from the kitchen I think they are done!



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