Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October OOOH LA OOOH LA

I don't really know what that even means, but I felt like typing it.

I'm wearing ORANGE to celebrate October!!!

I'm wearing an orange dress, and I also have on cute boots that used to belong to my mom. I got complimented on them too!

Listen up guys. I'm getting serious. I NEED to keep posting stuff on here. For posterity and also because it's kind of not fair for me to email Ben every day and stream-of-consciousness my morning life. Why not do it here and let the world laugh along with the two of us?!

Also, I wish that I took more pictures but guys, those take SO DANG LONG to upload and reposition and put in and by then I'm tired and want a snack.

The Steelers did NOT play this week, but do you know who did?!!??!

THE REFEREES DID!!! Heck yesssssss they are back in action. With all the worldly troubles out there, I am actually mildly amused by how much news the ref lockout generated these past few weeks. Apparently in America we don't mind if schools fail, but dang it if we are going to let our football league have inadequate refs.

Finally, I want to share with everyone how heinous having a canker sore is. I almost posted an online picture of one, but it's (slightly) before 12, so I won't. Friends, those things are terrible and horrible and how can something so small cause so much discomfort?!

It's almost time for my last class of the day, so I'm going to go. And then I'll go home, snuggle with my kitty, study for my two (!!!!!) tests tomorrow, and probably end up watching a little Downton season 2. Hey, I'm keeping it classy.

Love and pumpkin seeds,


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