Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Trees!

It's for sure a Monday.

But, anyways.

Ben is sick and feels like poo, and i get to feel smug and say "I told you so" about him being sick. It's not really a win for me, except that we get to have my favorite soup tonight :D

Here's the real topic though.

Christmas Trees.

The lighting stinks, but here's ours for this year! Our FIRST FAMILY CHRISTMAS TREEEEEEEEEE!

It's a faker. We aren't going to actually BE around ON Christmas Day, and I didn't want needles on the floor the tree to die for lack of water. So we found one at Wal-Mart a fancy store that had just the right shade of multicolored twinkle lights. 

Here's my thing with Christmas Trees. First of all, they should preferably be live. Because there should be some element of adventure in obtaining a tree. Second, the lights MUST be color, and they have to be the kind of soft color, not this neon fiddle-faddle I've seen in recent years. Nostalgic color!  Third, the ornaments all have to mean something. My family has it's own personal Christmas elf that brings us a new ornament every year, and I got to bring all mine with me when I got married. Combined with Ben's light-up Star Trek ornaments (which until recently I wasn't so excited about) and his others, our tree has a bunch!

Some stories about Christmas Trees. 

Actually just one.

Ben and I helped my parents get a tree this year because my brother broke his collarbone in our annual Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving. (backstory time) For many years now, my family has always gone to a certain place to get the tree (Cox's Farm for those of you in NOVA), and my siblings and I have a certain tradition about getting it. Mainly, the kids are required to run around and in and out of the trees and the firepit and the other Christmas decorations while the parents pick out the tree. It's complete with a pause in the game to roast marshmallows over the small fire. We always go in the evening, and it's always a crisp, cold night. My mom frets about the tree height, and we kids always tell the parents that the tree they eventually pick looks great. (end backstory)

And that's how it was this year, with the addition of Ben!!

Unfortunately there's another part to this story this year. Ben and my dad got the huge, massive average-sized tree into the house, and cut all the wrapping stuff off, tralala all normal and stuff. My mom was pulling down some of the branches and found a NEST of some kind in the middle of the tree. Then, someone else saw something MOVING and all heck broke out. You would have thought a fully-grown dragon was in the tree, from all the gasping and poking and sudden movements we were making. After a while, Ben and my dad had the great idea to take the tree back outside, and let whatever was in there just scamper out. Just in case, my little sister and I got out our dogs, to eat whatever came out of the tree protect us (they just sniffed the tree). 

It ended up being a tiny field mouse. 

womp. womp. 

I was thinking our night would end up more like this:

In summary, I think Ben will be inspecting our trees thoroughly whenever we decide to get live ones. 

Also, here's me playing with puppies.  Because I really want one and can't have one. The one looking at the floor and not at the camera was awesome, he was going around and jumping on all the sleeping puppies. I'd name him Killer or Brian or something fantastic like that.

Tomorrow's Tuesdayyyyyyyy!!!!! (new girl ftw)


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