Friday, November 11, 2011

November Already?!

Friends, I apologize.

I've been gone far too long, and I missed you all too much. Ben and I have done lots of fun and exciting things in the past few weeks, and I'll try my hardest to catch you up.

We went apple picking and I made apple pie!!! We also went to visit the Soltoffs in VA and had a great time catching up with family. It's always nice to go home to see everyone. Plus, my Aunt Delores and Uncle Alan were visiting as well, so we got some awesome delicious fresh homemade bread to take back to PA with us!!! (if you don't know, my Aunt Delores makes this homemade bread that is to die for, it's that good).

For Halloween Ben and I picked out some candy from Wegmans (several of our favorites from the bulk food section just in case we had no trick or treaters) and we had no trick or treaters :( But we (i.e. Ben) carved a pretty awesome pumpkin and got to snuggle together to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (a family tradition) so it was still a pretty good day.

And now we're into November! Which is a pretty fantastic month cause it's my MIL's birthday. We got her a cold weather set with gloves, hat, and scarf, so she can still go and sit outside when it's chilly.

My birthday was next (cause there's no way we're talking about the mess that was the Steelers-Ravens game), and I got sick on my birthday (hooray...not). Ben was going to take me out to Baby's (a favorite restaurant), but that has been postponed until I feel better. I did get a fabulous bag from my family, some awesome earmuffs (cat and Steeler), gloves, and a cookbook from Ben, as well as cards and lots of well wishes, which made my yucky day much better.

My little brother's birthday was the day after mine (yea, our parents loved that they could just throw joint parties when we were young), and it sounds like his day went really well also. I can't believe he's already 22!!! I remember when we were tiny kids, running around in our underwear and fighting over who got the nice Peter Pan sword and who got the bent one.

There's my update! Not so much sarcasm, because I'm still feeling under the weather, and because I'm still feeling sad about Joe Paterno being let go, but hopefully I will BE VIGILANT and CONTINUE TO BLOG!

...besides, Christmas is RIGHT around the corner...and I have 209457237569 things I want to share with you about my most favorite holiday!!!


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