Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ed Hochuli - NOT!

It's a sad day in sports. Actually, it WILL be a sad day when the first week of the NFL season is conducted using replacement refs. I don't know if you watch football, but you're missing some truly incredible things if you don't watch this guy, Ed Hochuli. AND HE WILL NOT BE ANYWHERE NEAR A FOOTBALL FIELD NEXT WEEKEND :(

Actually, maybe he will. I don't know. Maybe he will decide to take in a game somewhere. But then he'll see the terrible job the replacements are doing and this might happen to the innocent fan next to him:

Who knows?

In other news, let me tell you, I have been running around feeling like a chicken with its head cut off, but much more sweaty. There are SO MANY forms and appeals and files and clearances to this going-back-to-school-and-now-using-financial-aid thing. So I did what any person would do when a small victory in the form of a helpful state senator's office came my way. I rewarded myself with a taco from Taco Bell :)

No, it was not a Doritos Loco taco. I contemplated it, but those are weird after the first bite. 

Then I went home and ran. A lot. But surprisingly felt good about myself after. 

Moral: Taco Bell helps you run better?

This is an example of "causal inference." Ask Ben. He's taking a class on it this semester :)

Lastly, they played a whole series of songs that should be "comeback" songs on the radio this morning and number one was so so awesome that I sang right along in my loudest voice. 

MMBOP, ba du ba dop ba duuu bop, ba du ba dop ba duuu bop, ba du ba dop ba duuUUUU 

Yeaaaaah YEAHHHH


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