Thursday, March 22, 2012


These are Evgani Malkin's parents. They have mostly nothing to do with this post, but they are still pretty awesome. 

Here is the real post now.

Friends, I have just finished dinner (as in, I rinsed my sticky fingers and rannnn to my computer) and I HAVE to share our dinner with you, because it was so out of this world delicious.

Side note: I have been craving El Charro and also Primanti Bros. ALLLLLLL DAYYYYY LONGGGGG, so it was not easy to put aside those cravings, but this almost matches them.

Please IMMEDIATELY go and make these. They are from The Pioneer Woman, and I can't even describe how yummy and satisfying they are.

They are low cal (no)
They are healthy (probably no)
They are tasty (definitely yes)


Here are my adaptations:

1.) We used partially frozen beef. Mostly because we forgot to let it completely defrost before we threw it in the pan. Does this contribute? I don't know, but I wanted to add it just in case.

2.) We also used more onion. Because I just kept chopping and we are onion people. It's healthy for you?

3.) I omitted the Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, and Tabasco sauce (we didn't have any) (we didn't feel like buying it)

4.) I threw in a squirt of yellow mustard because we didn't have dry mustard.

5.) I added more chili powder than called for...I know. Shock of shocks, because I am NOT usually a spicy spicy flavor person, but I thought WHAT THE HECK and just did it. Then I spilled it on my foot and the floor and the counter, ugh.

6.) I eyeballed the red pepper flakes, but probably did about 4 or 5 shakes around the pan.

7.) DEFINITELY you need to toast the buns. It makes them extra heavenly. I used wheat buns to pretend we were being healthy. (pffffft)

8.) Make fries with this. I know it says potato chips fries from the oven are equally amazing.

9.) ADD SOME CHEESE! I added Provolone as soon as I heaped the sloppy joe-ness (aka mmmmm) onto the toasty bun and it got all melty and the bun was crusty and the joe-ness was sloppy, but in the best way possible. I want another.

(If you're confused about the "we" and "I" switching around, Ben did help with getting the meat ready, then he got upset about the beef accidentally being kind of frozen and went to read sports/reddit articles on the computer and made the fries as well. They were yummy fries.)

Pioneer Woman rocks. Go make this. I have to lie down because I am stuffeddddddd.

By the way, these are good in that Sidney Crosby is back and multiple players are scoring 3 to 4 points per game and Malkin has ridiculously cool parents and the Pittsburgh Penguins are in beast mode way.

Yeah. THAT good.

Love and hat tricks,


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